Our service department has over 30 years experience in Pressure Washer repair. We can work on all commercial grade washers, and some "Hobby" Style washers depending on brand. We carry a full line of replacement parts and repair kits for everything from Water Filters to Surface Cleaners.

Our service department can also due annual scheduled maintenance on your Hot Water Units. See us for a full description and pricing. 

Diagnostic Service: We charge $30 for diagnostic services if you are unsure of the problem your machine is having.  When we have found the problem you will be notified and given all options available to make a decision on your repair.  Son Co will never perfrom any work without your express authorization.
You can bring your washer to us or we can come to you. Hourly rates in Shop are $65 Per Hour. On site $75 Per Hour.*
*Travel and transport fees apply in some cases, please be sure you ask before placing your work order.